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  • Western Canada's Tight Oil & Shale Gas Plays, Including Montney, Duvernay and Cardium
  • Leading US Tight Oil & Shale Plays, including the Permian Basin
  • Leading Latin and South American Operators

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  • Water Water Treatment
  • Hydrogeology
  • Production
  • Completions
  • Facilities
  • Project Management
  • HSE/Environment
  • Regulations

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  • Produced Water Treatment Systems : Skid-Mounted Water Treatment Systems, Filtration Systems, Reverse Osmosis Water Systems, Electrocoagulation Water Systems, Centralized Water Treatment Systems, Portable Water Treatment Systems, Modular Water Treatment Systems and more
  • Produced Water Treatment Technologies : Mobile Treatment Technology, Evaporation Technology/Evaporators, Crystallization Technology, Membrane Technology, Nanofiltration Technology and more
  • Produced Water Treatment Services : Brine Water Remediation Services/Technologies/Solutions, Desalination Services/Technologies/Solutions, H2S Mitigation Services/Technologies/Solutions, TENORM/NORM Management/Disposal Services, Disposal Treatment Services and more
  • Water Transfer Services : Water Pipeline Construction Services/EPCs, Water Pipeline Construction Materials, Water Pipeline Permitting Services, Leak Detection Systems, Pipeline Monitoring Systems, Water Trucking Services and more
  • Produced Water Disposal Services : Injection Well Permitting Services, Injection Well Construction Services, Seismic Monitoring Technologies & Services and more
  • Produced Water Storage Solutions : ASTs/Above Ground Storage Tanks, Water Pit Construction Services, Water Impoundment Construction Services and more


Melonie Profile Picture

Melonie Myszczyszyn

Water Treating Lead

Canadian Natural Resources Limited

Stephen Edison Profile Picture

Stephen Edison

Water Management Engineer



Farhad Qanbari

Consultant Reservoir Engineer

Seven Generations Energy

Vik Karambelkar

Vik Karambelkar

Former Senior Production & Facilities Engineer

Obsidian Energy

Steve Marcil

Steve Marcil

Operations Engineer

Black Swan Energy

Michael Profile Picture

Michael Bevan

Senior Advisor - Water

Alberta Energy Regulator

Elizabeth Johnson Profile Picture

Elizabeth Johnson

Senior Hydrogeologist

BC Provincial Government

Daniel Alessi

Daniel Alessi

Associate Professor and Encana Chair in Water Resources

University of Alberta

Carlos Salas Profile Picture

Carlos Salas

Executive Vice President & Chief Scientific Officer

Geoscience BC

Allan Ingelson

Allan Ingelson

Associate Professor, Executive Director - Canadian Institute of Resources Law

University of Calgary

Chris T

Chris Tesarski


CoResource Solutions LLC


Ian Middleton

General Manager

Trace Water Solutions

Mark Patton Pic

Mark Patton



Roman Bilak

Roman Bilak


Terralog Technologies Inc.

Results-Driven Case Studies, New Technologies & Regulatory Updates

Event Returns After 3 Years With An Agenda Truly Reflecting Western Canada's Current Operating & Regulatory Environment

Crude oil output is driving Canada's economy in 2018, and unconventional oil production has increased 5.3% for the sixth gain in seven months as more wells come back online after shutdowns.

Higher, more stable oil prices has led to an exponential increase in activity in Western Canada's Shale plays, and water management has once again become a key point of conversation in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. As the regulatory environment evolves and pressure builds on operators to adjust best practices, American and Canadian Business Conferences brings back the highly-anticipated Cost-Effective Water Management 2018 Conference for Western Canada's Tight Oil & Shale Gas Plays to Calgary on November 28 and 29.

The sixth conference in the series will address Western Canada's hottest water management topics and challenges, with E&P Case Studies, Regulatory Updates, and Latest Water Treatment Technologies, to present business-driven and cost-effective solutions in five key  areas:

Water Reuse & Recycling | Water Treatment | Water Transfer & Logistics

Produced Water Disposal | Water Sourcing

From navigating the water management economics game, to looking ahead to the future of the shale market in Western Canada, including producers' strategies, long-term visions and timelines, the 2018 event examines the full water management life cycle, from cradle to  grave.

    • Cost-Effective Produced Water Reuse & Recycle Initiatives
    • Regulatory Compliance & Licensing
    • Steps For Increasing Recycle & Reuse Water Volumes
    • Ensuring Water Chemistry & Frac Chemical Compatibility
    • Water Treatment Technologies
    DAY 2 FOCUS: NOVEMBER 29, 2018
    • Intra-Field And Intra-Basin Water Transfer
    • Cost Reduction & Alternatives To Disposal
    • Water Recycle & Reuse Technologies
    • Maximizing Water Storage
    • Water Sourcing & Licensing
    ------------------------------------------- NEW FEATURES FOR 2018 -------------------------------------------
    • Gain Clarity On Area-Based Regulatory Updates : Hear from AER, AEP & BC on Water Reuse, Water Sourcing Licenses, Transfer And Storage
    • Increase Recycle & Reuse Volumes : Cost-effectively treat produced water for reuse, without negatively impacting well productivity
    • Secure Steady Water Supply : Make sure production plans are not in jeopardy of being completed
    • Examine Water Quality, Chemistry & Minimum Treatment Levels : Know exactly how much treatment is required to remove contaminants and prepare water for reuse
    • Optimize Water Transfer, Storage & Disposal : Cost-Effectively and safely move water to and from well sites, store large volumes and reduce the cost of disposal

    On behalf of Canadian Business Conferences, I look forward to welcoming you to event in November.


    Alishba Jan

    Divisional Director, Oil & Gas - American & Canadian Business Conferences

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    Hear Success Stories & Lessons Learned From Active Canadian Tight Oil & Shale Gas Plays


    >Lower Water Management Costs In WCSB : E&P Strategies For Cost Reduction, Efficiency Optimization And Reducing Expenses

    > Cost-Effective Water Management Strategies : E&P Accomplishments, Strategies And Long-Term Visions

    > Regulatory Update : Current Regulations And Compliance

    > Increase Water Recycle & Reuse Volume s: Cost-Effectively Manage Flowback Water And Increase Reuse

    > Reduce Recycling & Reuse Costs : Strategies And Treatments For Reducing Recycling & Reuse Cost

    > Understand Water Reuse Regulations : Latest Recycling & Reuse Regulations And Preparing For Changes

    > Reservoir Chemistry & Frac Chemicals : Chemical Impact On Performance And The Case For Sharing & Reusing Water

    > Water Quality For Frac Reuse : Water Quality Specs And Treatment Targets

    > Treatment For H2S, Solids & NORMS : Cost-Effective Treatment & Technological Advances


    > Cost-Effective & Efficient Water Transfer Infrastructure : Strategies For Transfer To And From Well Sites

    > Reduce Deep Well Injection Costs : Reducing Costs & Increasing Disposal Efficiency

    > Alternatives To Deep Well Injection : The Economics And Feasibility Of Commercial Scale Water Evaporation

    > Large-Scale Water Storage Systems : New Storage Systems To Handle 15,000 to 30,000 Cubic Metres Of Water

    > Secure Steady Water Supply : Best Practices And Risk Mitigation Strategies

    Live Stream

    Live Stream


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