Hear From Leading E&P Operators & Technology Providers From...

  • Western Canada's Tight Oil & Shale Gas Plays, Including Montney, Duvernay and Cardium
  • Leading US Tight Oil & Shale Plays, including the Permian Basin
  • Leading Latin and South American Operators

Meet, Network, Learn From Senior Decision Makers & Water Management Experts

Including Presidents, CEOs, COOs, VPs, Heads, Directors, Managers, Principals, Team Leads, Technologists, Supervisors, Specialists, Superintendents, Coordinators, Consultants, Chemists of ...

  • Water Water Treatment
  • Hydrogeology
  • Production
  • Completions
  • Facilities
  • Project Management
  • HSE/Environment
  • Regulations

Unmatched Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities For Manufacturers, Suppliers And Service Providers Of:

  • Produced Water Treatment Systems : Skid-Mounted Water Treatment Systems, Filtration Systems, Reverse Osmosis Water Systems, Electrocoagulation Water Systems, Centralized Water Treatment Systems, Portable Water Treatment Systems, Modular Water Treatment Systems and more
  • Produced Water Treatment Technologies : Mobile Treatment Technology, Evaporation Technology/Evaporators, Crystallization Technology, Membrane Technology, Nanofiltration Technology and more
  • Produced Water Treatment Services : Brine Water Remediation Services/Technologies/Solutions, Desalination Services/Technologies/Solutions, H2S Mitigation Services/Technologies/Solutions, TENORM/NORM Management/Disposal Services, Disposal Treatment Services and more
  • Water Transfer Services : Water Pipeline Construction Services/EPCs, Water Pipeline Construction Materials, Water Pipeline Permitting Services, Leak Detection Systems, Pipeline Monitoring Systems, Water Trucking Services and more
  • Produced Water Disposal Services : Injection Well Permitting Services, Injection Well Construction Services, Seismic Monitoring Technologies & Services and more
  • Produced Water Storage Solutions : ASTs/Above Ground Storage Tanks, Water Pit Construction Services, Water Impoundment Construction Services and more

Sponsor or Exhibit

A tailored sponsorship package at one of our events provides a direct, cost effective path to help you get your message out to existing or new target clients. Once we understand your specific business objectives, including marketing goals, we can leverage the power of our individual Summit brands to work to your advantage.

To discuss the options in more detail please contact:

Steve Thomas

1 (800) 721 3915


Hear Success Stories & Lessons Learned From Active Canadian Tight Oil & Shale Gas Plays


>Lower Water Management Costs In WCSB : E&P Strategies For Cost Reduction, Efficiency Optimization And Reducing Expenses

> Cost-Effective Water Management Strategies : E&P Accomplishments, Strategies And Long-Term Visions

> AER Regulatory Update : Current Regulations And Compliance

> Increase Water Recycle & Reuse Volume s: Cost-Effectively Manage Flowback Water And Increase Reuse

> Reduce Recycling & Reuse Costs : Strategies And Treatments For Reducing Recycling & Reuse Cost

> Understand Water Reuse Regulations : Latest Recycling & Reuse Regulations And Preparing For Changes

> Reservoir Chemistry & Frac Chemicals : Chemical Impact On Performance And The Case For Sharing & Reusing Water

> Water Quality For Frac Reuse : Water Quality Specs And Treatment Targets

> Treatment For H2S, Solids & NORMS : Cost-Effective Treatment & Technological Advances


> Cost-Effective & Efficient Water Transfer Infrastructure : Strategies For Transfer To And From Well Sites

> Reduce Deep Well Injection Costs : Reducing Costs & Increasing Disposal Efficiency

> Alternatives To Deep Well Injection : The Economics And Feasibility Of Commercial Scale Water Evaporation

> Large-Scale Water Storage Systems : New Storage Systems To Handle 15,000 to 30,000 Cubic Metres Of Water

> Secure Steady Water Supply : Best Practices And Risk Mitigation Strategies

Live Stream

Live Stream


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